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Reward systems and contracts

Reward systems coincide with a student's ability to comply with established rules. Establishing a reward system can be useful for students to learn new rules and routines.

The following are some reward systems and contracts which can be helpful for children with autism.

Class contract

The 'Class contract' shows a visual representation of various tasks a student must complete in different, loosely-defined times throughout the day (as opposed to numbered, structured times).

At the bottom of the contract, the reward for following these behaviours is outlined for the student to see.

Both the student and the teacher/aid may sign at the bottom to display that they have agreed to this set of rules/rewards.

Download and view Class contract (PPTX 102KB).

Day contract

The pupose of the 'Day contract' is that it divides a student's day into structured time. In each time period, students have set expectations for what they should accomplish in that time. Completion of each task can be noted using the tick boxes to the side. In this scheme, students know ahead of time what the rules are for each time period and can be rewarded accordingly.

Download and view Day contract (PPTX 86KB).

Reward chart

'Reward chart' uses a sticker system to track rule compliance and good behaviour. Students are first rewarded with a sticker for each time they follow a rule or display good behaviour. Then, after a certain amount of stickers, a student gets a reward from a pre-established set of rewards.

Reward chart (docx 34 KB).