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This is a collection of social stories including crossing the street, taking taxis and talking to strangers.

'Crossing the road' teaches students how to be safe when crossing the road, including looking both ways and stop signs.

Download and view Crossing the road (PPTX 106KB).

'School bus rule' goes over the rules associated with being on the school bus at the beginning and end of the day.

Download and view School bus rule (PPTX 168KB).

'On and off bus' is a presentation that teaches students how to safely get on and off of the bus at the beginning/end of the day.

Download and view On and off bus (PPTX 111KB).

'Strangers' outlines who a stranger is and how to exhibit safe behaviour around strangers.

Download and view Strangers (PPTX 164KB).

'Arriving at school in a taxi' explains what a student must do if they arrive at school in taxi instead of however they usually get to school.

Download and view Arriving at school in a taxi (PPTX 131KB).

'Tennis court rules' outlines appropriate behaviour associated with tennis courts, if the school has them. 

Download and view Tennis court rules (PPTX 109KB).