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Rule-based behaviour is essential to teaching students with autism spectrum disorder. Clearly displaying rules in the multiple environments that students may experience throughout the day helps them adjust to the environment. 

The following visuals can be used to guide students the who, what, where, and why of rule-based behaviour. 

Class rules

The Class rules (DOCX 42KB) document helps to remind students of appropriate rules and behaviour when in the classroom.   

Kindergarten rules

The 'Kindergarten rules' visual shows students early in their education appropriate listening behaviours. In this graphic, students see that they listen to the teacher while they are at school.

Download and view Kindergarten rules (PPTX 198KB).

In Kindergarten We...

The Kindergarten rules (DOCX 50KB) helps students to follow their classroom rules. 

In Kindergarten 

The In kindergarten (DOCX 67KB) aids students in remembering what is expected of them when in Kindergarten. 

School Rules 

The School rules (PUB 4.9MB) works to remind students what is expected of them when they are at school. 

Rule consequences

'Rule consequences' puts into perspective how teachers and aids will respond to breaking rules several times. Each level shows a depiction of what each response will look like to the student and how their environment will change.

Download Rule consequences (DOCX 32KB) for more information.