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Timetables and schedules

Research indicates that people with autism are much better at processing information that is presented to them in a visual format than they are at processing information presented verbally. 

A visual schedule will tell the student with autism what activities will occur and in what sequence.

Toilet schedule 

Download the toilet schedule (DOCX 58KB) for a visual sequence to support students using the bathroom. 

Boy toilet schedule

Download the boy toilet schedule (PDF 39.4KB) for a visual sequence to support male students using the bathroom. 

Girl toilet schedule

Download the girl toilet schedule (PDF 40.5KB) for a visual sequence to support female students using the bathroom. 

Washing hands sequence

The Washing hands sequence (DOCX 1MB) can help students remember the hygienic practice on a daily basis.  

Items for school

The items for school (DOCX 23KB) will assist a student in finding and preparing all the items they would need for school. 

Getting ready for school

This ready for school (DOCX 232KB) will help support a student's before school routine.