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Numeracy is another key learning area. Often, visuals are the central focus to learning how to count. The following visuals may be useful to aid student learning in numeracy.


There are multiple ways to bring in visuals to teaching students how to count. 


Using money is an effective way of teaching students numeracy while bringing in multiple senses.

Download and view Money (DOC 239KB).


Lego gameboard: addition and subtraction

Lego game board addition and colours' summary: lego game board teaches students addition and colours using lego pieces. students roll the dice and move forward, adding the number and colour lego piece that they land on to their stack.

Download and view Lego Gameboard (DOCX 443KB).

Telling time

Clocks and Time 

The telling time document serves as a prompt for students who are learning to tell the time on both analogue and digital licks 

Download and view Clocks (DOC 95KB) for more information.