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Students with ASD lack the intuitive social skills which are inherent in ‘normal' students, therefore, it is important to explicitly teach social skills.

The teaching of social skills can occur in formal lessons but utilising incidental opportunities when they occur strongly reinforces the appropriate social skill.

Social skills posters and directions 

The social skills poster and direction sheet aids students in the correct way to interact with others in various environments.

Download Social skills posters (DOCX 566KB) for more information on this subject. 

Download the Social skills direction (PDF 53KB) for more visual cues. 


I want to play too!

The I want to play junior (PPTX 148KB) assists students who may struggle with the concept of sharing and explains how to join in and play with other children. 

I want to play senior!

The I want to play senior (PPTX 162KB) download helps older children to understand how to play with other children, and why it's fun to play together. 

Lanyard social visuals

From greetings to please and thank you, the Lanyard social visuals (PPTX 179KB) provides wearable visual assistance for students who much struggle to communicate verbally. 

Social skills posters 

The Social skills posters (PPTX 146KB) supports students who want to communicate with their friends and suggests the best way to do so, for example how to politely capture a friend's attention. 

Play (PPT 118KB) explains how students should behave if other students do not want to play with them.

Am I a good listener? (PPTX 326KB) gives students questions and answers to whether or not they are a good listener. It has students examine their behaviour and modify it accordingly.

When I speak (PPTX 216KB) encourages positive behaviours for when students speak. This includes eye contact, speaking loudly and clearly and standing still.

Whole body listening (PPTX 225KB) explains the different ways that we can show people that we are listening, including:

  • listening with our ears
  • listening with our brains
  • listening with our eyes
  • listening with our hands
  • listening with our bottoms.

Social skills (PUB 175KB) reinforces positive social behaviours. Some of the social skills it goes over are: 

  • hugging
  • smiling
  • saying 'thank you'

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