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Social stories

Social stories are short stories used to describe situations or concepts in a way that is meaningful for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

They are individualised for the student depending on context, issue or skill.

Social stories enable students to understand a situation and learn how to respond or behave in that situation. Social stories facilitate social comprehension and social skills prior to social situations that may be challenging or they can be used as a strategy for instruction and behaviour management.

Social stories can be presented in a variety of formats.

They are used as teaching tool to facilitate control or redirection of behaviour and are used consistently to rehearse and remind the student of the appropriate social skills to be used.  

Social stories can be used to:

  • explain how to behave in specific social situations
  • teach a specific social and communication skill
  • assist in coping with change
  • reduce anxiety
  • help in managing repetitive behaviours
  • cope with school curriculum
  • teach independent skills.